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Combination circuit breaker ETEK – EKL5-63B-RCBO-10kA-TypeB – 32A

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Type B RCBOs provide protection to persons and machinery in the presence of direct current and high frequency alternating fault current. Among several types of RCBOs, Type B provides the highest level of protection.

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●Standard:IEC61009-1, IEC62423
● Type: B
● Rated current: 32A
● Rated voltage: 230/240~
● Number of poles: 4 poles
● Rated residual operating current (IAn): 30, 100, 300 mA
● Rated short-circuit breaking capacity: 6kA/10kA
● Switching curve:B, C, D
● Ambient air temperature: -25…+55 ºC
●Connection:From the top
●Certificates:CE, CB
1. Residual current sensitivity – UNIVERSAL
AC pure sine residual current, 50/60Hz
Sinusoidal and pulsating DC, 50/60 Hz
B: AC+A+smooth DC+high frequency (1kHz)
2. Standards
IEC/EN 61009-1 Basic standards for RCBO type AC and A
Other IEC/EN 62423 requirements for Type B
3. Typical applications
Protection against faults (protection against indirect contact of live parts
Additional protection (protection in case of direct contact of live parts, I∆n≤30 mA)
Fire protection (for places exposed to fire hazard, I∆n≤300 mA)
4. Which are sensitive to smooth DC residual currents?
Photovoltaic systems, AC side.
Charging stations for electric vehicles.
Variable speed machine tools.
UPS, computer data centers.
Elevator control.
Cranes of all kinds.
Electronic equipment on construction sites.
Test sets in laboratories.
General installations where DC smooth residual currents can be expected.
The maximum current of the EKL5-63 B type RCBO can reach 63 amps and three leakage current options of 30 mA, 100 mA and 300 mA are available to meet the needs of different scenarios.

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