Possibility of installation

Possibility of installation

Possibility of installation

Preparing the installation site

Prior to any installation, we offer a personal inspection to assess the condition, select the most suitable location and arrange everything necessary for the installation itself.

Fitting the charging station

We place great emphasis on safety, so we try to make the base as solid as possible, preferably with a sufficient concrete base. If conditions do not allow it, our concrete base with pre-fitted screws and space for cabling can be used.

Connection and communication

Our certified installers connect the charger to the mains with the appropriate fuse. The second important point is the connection to the internet network for communication with the server. If the network is not available, an additional 3G/UMTS module with an activated SIM card and mobile internet access can be used.

Testing and commissioning

After successful connection, the charger is tested and then put into operation. Each installation includes a connection point inspection report.

Handover and operator training

When installed on pre-prepared wiring, we are able to deliver the charging station on the same working day. Of course, the operator is trained and the documentation is handed over.

Only persons with a valid certificate are permitted to install the equipment. An inspection report and installation certificate from this person, including the serial number of the installed product, must be provided for the purposes of any claims procedure.

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