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SminnDrive is a comprehensive solution developed by us for managing and monitoring the charging of electric vehicles. It automatically tracks and charges the charge according to the kWh prices you set, but also the parking prices. With its remote operation, you have control over charging anytime, anywhere, monitoring all active charges in real time. 

This system balances power consumption, enables efficient management of multiple charging stations simultaneously and provides dynamic power management. And with its robust cloud solution, you can add unlimited users and charging stations, helping your business grow and expand.

Application operation

Monitor the status of your charger and control it remotely from anywhere

Charging programme at the cheapest prices

Real-time statistics display

Protect the charger by locking it against unwanted use

Full charging management, payments and status monitoring charging

Start charging with a charge card or remotely using the SminnDrive app

View/download cleared transactions

Automatic reimbursement of staff costs

Statistics on consumption or comparing charging on one place

Receive notifications automatically:

“Your car has finished charging.”

“Photovoltaic mode has been activated.”

View charging stations on map and quick filtering

Manage up to 20 charging points at no extra cost

Divide the available energy between charging points using the dynamic load management

Publish your station online and set your service fee charging

Use the SminnDrive mobile app

Control and monitor charging status remotely

Control your charging with clear statistics

Publish your station online and set your usage fee

Take advantage of smart charging features

Activate the dynamic load management mode and keep your reserved capacity under control.

Take advantage of the benefits of consuming self-generated energy from photovoltaics. The system automatically detects the production and directs it primarily to charging your electric car.

Do you like to keep things under control?

Clear statistics in charts and tables

Using the charging station and checking consumption

Filter by time periods

Real-time charging data display

Do you have your home charger in a public place?

Share it with others and you’ll be rewarded with free refuelling on the SminnDrive network.

Just set the time when the charger is available and post it on the SminnDrive map.

Tracks energy flows in real time

See PVE production, battery status, off-take or supply to the grid and charging of electric vehicles

You simply see your daily and autonomy from renewable sources

Management simply calculates how much CO₂ emissions you have saved.

Stores energy data

View daily and monthly energy data at your fingertips

Keep information on how much you have stored in batteries and electric vehicles always available

Offers multiple data storage programs

Manage your devices in one place

Detailed statistics on facilities

Option to view modes

Easy system expansion

As our customer you have the possibility to easily extend your system with additional peripherals such as:

  • Photovoltaics
  • batteries
  • EV charging stations
  • water heating
  • and services

Public service
charging station

1. step Download the Sminn app from the AppStore, Google Play, or use an RFID card
2. step Scan the QR code located under the connector, or fill it in manually.
3. step Connect your vehicle and follow the instructions on the display.
4. step Charging will start automatically within 30 seconds.
5. step After charging is complete, disconnect the charging station from your vehicle.
1. step Scan the QR code of the connector with your mobile phone, or open the web: ?(five-digit number)
2. step Select the amount or quantity of energy you want to charge and enter your email.
3. step Connect your vehicle to the charging station.
4. step After confirming the details, you will be redirected to a payment gateway with payment options.
5. step After successful payment, charging will start automatically.
6. step The unused amount will be refunded to your account within 4-12 hours.
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500 completed installations

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15 years of experience

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