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We bring tailor-made energy solutions for your home. Our comprehensive home energy solution includes photovoltaics, charging stations and battery storage that are designed to fit your exact needs and lifestyle.

With our solutions, you can expect not only cost savings, but also increased energy comfort and sustainability in your home.

Photovoltaics for households

We will prepare a photovoltaic power plant for you based on your needs.

Charging stations for households

We can set up our own charging stations according to the required usage.

Battery systems for the home

Battery systems are a great complement to energy solutions and help save money

Energy for your home

The combination of photovoltaic panels, a battery and a charging station will not only reduce the cost of the entire household, but also make it energy independent and environmentally friendly.

As a result of this process, several benefits can be obtained:


The AiBox central communication system of our own production enables the interconnection of individual parts into a common ecosystem. The different technologies communicate with each other and learn to be energy efficient in order to reduce electricity costs.


The solar inverter converts the DC energy produced from the sun into AC energy usable for appliances. It provides measurement and management of energy from photovoltaic panels. Production is controlled and optimised based on the needs of the individual system elements.


The electric vehicle charging station communicates directly with the electric vehicle and allows it to operate in multiple modes according to the customer's needs, always with a view to protecting grid congestion and maximising the use of the solar energy produced.


The Sminn AddBox combines the possibility of integration with a solar installation and the use of the generated solar energy for water heating.


The SminnBatt battery storage is used to store the solar energy produced at times when it cannot be consumed. The system automatically evaluates solar conditions, grid load, vehicle charging needs, or other conditions and adjusts the power flow to reduce electricity costs. In the winter months with low solar intensity, the system continues to calculate the price of electricity and charges at times of low tariffs.

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