support for building electric charging stations for PO and FO entrepreneurs

Get a grant to build charging infrastructure for electric cars from the Recovery Plan.

The following investment costs are eligible:

  • the cost of the charging infrastructure itself, electrical or other components, including power transformers needed to connect the charging infrastructure to the grid or to a local electricity generation or storage unit;
  • the cost of related technical equipment, civil works, ground or road works, installation and the cost of obtaining related permits.

The call is addressed to legal entities and natural persons entrepreneurs

  • Small application (eligible costs from €24,000 to €119,999.99)
  • Large application (eligible costs from €120,000)

The mechanism may be granted up to a maximum of 50 % of the total eligible expenditure, up to a maximum of 50 % of the unit prices indicated, i.e:

  • for one AC charging point ≥ 11 kW, up to a maximum of EUR 1 500,
  • for one DC charging point ≥ 50 kW, up to a maximum of EUR 14 500.


Closing dates of the evaluation rounds for the submission of applications:

Table Header
Round 1
Round 2
Round 3
Round 4

Call closure date: 28 August 2023

Get a subsidy

Build public charging stations or use a subsidy to charge company vehicles. We will be happy to help you with your grant application.

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Project submission procedure

A few simple steps on the way to a charging station for PO and FO entrepreneurs

Selection of sites

The applicant shall identify suitable locations for the construction of electric charging stations and define the number of charging points at each location.

(highest scoring part)

Technical specification

Based on the previous step, the applicant shall prepare technical specifications for each site.

Project budget

The applicant shall determine the amount of expenditure on the basis of market (real) prices, e.g. through a market survey or an expert opinion, or a construction budget drawn up by an authorised person, or. a bill of quantities valued by an authorised person.

Registration in the ISPO system

The applicant creates an account in the ISPO system

Creating an application

In the created account, the applicant selects the call "Call for support for the construction of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles for local authorities and organisations established by them" and then creates and completes the application for this call.

Preparation of mandatory annexes

The applicant completes all mandatory attachments (Application Form Project Plan, Power of Attorney (if applicable), Data required for RT/Excerpt from RT not older than 30 days at the date of submission of the application and uploads them to the application

Sending the application

After sending the request, it generates a "Summary of the request for the provision of funds of the mechanism", which must then be sent in PDF format without attachments, signed by a qualified e-mail address. by signing as an attachment to the el. by e-mail. the implementer's mailbox established within the Central Portal of Public Administration www.slovensko.sk via the service "general agenda" within 5 working days days.

High performance

The following charging stations are also eligible for a subsidy from the Recovery Plan

Public charging station


Atthe best-selling charging station with proven technology and reliability. The SminnBox system is designed to be connected to your corporate network for intelligent energy redistribution.


Type2 Socket / 5 m


up to 2 x 22 kW AC

Public fast charging station

Tritium PKM 50-350 kW

Tritium PKM is Compact, reliable and robust DC fast charging station capable of charging all EVs on the market. The small dimensions ensure the possibility of placement even in the garage without additional modifications.




up to 350 kW DC

Public fast charging station

FastBox L

Flexible, reliable and powerful. With an output of up to 160 kW, FastBox sets a completely new standard for fast charging stations.


CHAdeMO, CCS, Type2


up to 160 kW DC

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