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Webasto Unite AC

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The Webasto Unite smart charging station not only enables easy charging, but also additional smart functions such as control and management in the Webasto ChargeConnect backend, local load management and integration into an energy management system (EMS).

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Product detail

The Webasto Unite intelligent charging station makes your everyday life with an electric car easier thanks to its many features. Thanks to the new Webasto ChargeConnect backend (access via portal and app), you have a perfect overview of the charging station and can control and manage it at any time and from anywhere. ChargeConnect provides access to the current status of the charging station, the entire charging history, power consumption and more anytime, anywhere. Thanks to the continuous data transfer from the wallbox to the Webasto ChargeConnect in real time, up-to-date information is always online. The charging infrastructure and user permissions can be flexibly managed and controlled digitally with just one click of the mouse. Charging station data is displayed in the portal and in the Webasto ChargeConnect app, offering maximum transparency, control and security. Webasto Unite not only enables easy charging, but also other intelligent functions such as local load management and integration into energy management systems. The MID-compatible meter allows billing and payment of charging processes, and the meter window facilitates meter readings. The charging power is scalable up to 22 kW. Wallbox is designed for wall mounting. If you prefer a freestanding position, a high-quality stand is also available as an optional accessory. Webasto Unite also impresses with its high quality workmanship.

-MID-compatible meter enables billing and payment of charging processes
-Authentication via RFID or with the Webasto ChargeConnect app
-Integrated local dynamic load management for up to 32 charging points
-Secure digital management via the Webasto ChargeConnect backend (via portal and app)
-Always online thanks to continuous data transfer from the wallbox to Webasto ChargeConnect in real time
-Interface for energy management systems (EMS) via Modbus TCP
-User-friendly configuration via WLAN hotspot and Webasto Charger Setup or integrated configuration interface for installers
-Scalable charging power up to 22 kW
-KfW grant 441

Further information
Table Header
Mains voltage
Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 31.5 × 46 × 13.5 cm
Connector type

Type2 socket

Cable length

without cable-socket

Number of phases


Maximum current

16A, 32A

Maximum performance

11kW, 22kW




freestanding, Wallbox

Number of sockets


Features and functions

Application, Dynamic power control, Energy meter MID, Ethernet, Integrated current protector, LED indicator, Web, WiFi

Possibility of installation

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